The One Chart That Shows Why 2014 Was a Breakthrough Year for Utility-Scale Solar in America (12/16/14)

Over the next two years, America will build roughly 13 gigawatts of utility-scale solar PV plants. When up and running, those projects will surpass the country's cumulative solar capacity across all sectors reached at the end of 2013.  Read more  >>

First Solar buys into CEC, the leading U.S. community solar developer (12/16/14)

Community solar projects are typically less than 5 megawatts and send their power directly to the grid. Individuals in high rises or in densely shaded homes purchase one or more of the array’s modules and earn credits from their utility that lower their electricity bills.  Read more  >>

Ivanpah Solar Power Plant Is PennWell’s Renewable Energy Project of the Year (12/16/14)

The winner was announced and recognized at the co-located Renewable Energy World North America Conference and Expo and Power-Gen International in Orlando, Florida during the Annual Awards Gala on Monday night.  Read more  >>

Arizona regulatory staff rejects APS bid to own rooftop solar

The Arizona Corporation Commission's (ACC) staff has recommended that its commissioners reject a controversial proposal from Arizona Public Service to install and own rooftop photovoltaic (PV) solar systems on 3,000 homes, saying the plans are too costly, according to SNL Energy.  Read more  >>

SCE Announces Winners of Energy Storage Contracts Worth 250MW

Southern California Edison has just revealed the winners of a massive 250-megawatt energy storage procurement, one that could set new standards for incorporating distributed and customer-owned energy assets into grid operations.  Read more  >>

Germany: New Guidelines for PV Solar Pilot Tender

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy continues to work on the regulatory framework to implement the pilot tender for ground-mounted photovoltaic systems. pv magazine has obtained a copy of the key points currently being discussed by government officials.


  Read more  >>

How Utilities can Integrate Solar into their Distribution Plans (10/28/14)

Detailed analysis of suitable rooftops suggests solar in some western cities may meet 100% of midday load within 20 years.Utilities that aren’t planning for that could be in trouble. 

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Alevo Unstealthed: A New Gigawatt-Scale Grid Battery Contender (10/27/14)

From out of nowhere, a startup named Alevo has emerged as a serious rival to Tesla in the race to achieve next-generation grid battery manufacturing at gigawatt scale.

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Community Solar Allows Utilities to Adapt, Thrive as Energy Landscape Evolves (10/27/14)

Adaptability is the key to survival — both in nature as Charles Darwin observed, and in the business sector. 

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SEPA Prez Brings in the Light (8/20/2014)

Julia Hamm, president and CEO of the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA), opens up the utility industry to the sun—both literally and figuratively.  Read more  >>

How Should Utilities Value Solar? (8/4/2014)

Solar is a revenue opportunity utilities can no longer ignore. In the next few years, electricity providers will have to face the question of how solar will fit into their businesses.  Read more  >>

Solar Reaching Mainstream for Utilities (7/29/14)

New figures released by the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) reflect the central role utilities will continue to play in the growth and change of the U.S. solar industry in emerging trends that have been identified as current and future market drivers, according to the organization.  Read more  >>

SEPA: Utilities should own solar inverters (7/8/14)

Rising penetrations of distributed generation (DG) solar has made it imperative for utilities to ensure that DG solar installations add value to the grid. Ownership over the inverter could make utilities more amenable to the growth of rooftop solar.  Read more  >>

Report outlines why utilities should own smart inverters, provides road map (5/28/14)

Utilities should consider owning smart inverters to manage the rapid growth of distributed solar generation, the Solar Electric Power Association said in a new report that outlines what it would take to make that happen and how companies can determine if it would be right for them.  Read more  >>

Sterling Example of Power of Solar (4/29/14)

Sean Hamilton of the Sterling Municipal Light Department said he first became aware of a national association's annual ranking of companies' solar watts-per-customer production while attending a conference last year.  Read more  >>

Congratulations to the Sterling Light Department! (4/29/14)

The staff of the light department, Sean Hamilton, Nancy Forgione, Meggin Hendley, Christine Arsenault, Tom Sparks, Darren Borge, Alivia Nutter and everyone else at the light board deserves a huge round of applause. Sterling light department has been rated #1 in the country by Solar Electric Power Association in their 2013 SEPA Utility Solar Rankings.  Read more  >>

KIUC Ranked No. 9 for Solar Energy Output (4/29/14)

Kauai Island Utility Cooperative was honored Monday by the Solar Electric Power Association as one of the nation’s Top 10 utilities for its delivery of solar energy.  Read more  >>

Top 10 U.S. Utilities that Added most Amount of Solar Capacity in 2013 (4/29/14)

The top 10 utilities accounted for 82% of all integrated solar capacity in that year. Additional report findings show that 4.2 GW of solar capacity was installed in the U.S. in 2013, bringing total cumulative capacity to more than 10.5 GW.  Read more  >>

Who made SEPA's Solar List? (4/29/14)

The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) has released its list of the U.S.-based utilities that added the most new solar power to their systems, and the most solar on a watts-per-customer basis, in 2013. The report identifies the companies that are integrating solar into power grid, as well as industry trends such as total installed capacity, market share and growth rates.  Read more  >>

PG&E ranked no.1 Utility Solar Leader by Solar Electric Power Association (4/28/14)

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) was ranked No.1 utility solar leader with an unbeatable 1471 MW annual installation, followed by San Diego Gas & Electric with 643 MW installation in 2013, according to the Solar Power stats released by Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA).  Read more  >>

SEPA 2013 Utility Solar Rankings Uncovers New Urban and Rural Representation (4/28/14)

The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) has released its seventh annual Utility Solar Rankings report, a summary of U.S. utilities that added the greatest amount of solar capacity in 2013. As in years past, familiar names cropped up at the top of the list. But there were also a number of newcomers who made the grade — including two from previously unrepresented states — that reflect a growing diversity of geographies spanning urban and rural areas alike.  Read more  >>

Top 10 Utilities for Solar (4/28/14)

Rankings of the U.S. utilities based on how many new megawatts of solar they built in 2013 and how many megawatts per customer they have installed were released by the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA), an organization in which utilities and the solar industry work together.  Read more  >>

Some of SEPA-Ranked Top 10 Utilities for Solar are Those Fighting it the Hardest (4/28/14)

Today, the Solar Electric Powr Association (SEPA), a Washington nonprofit dedicated to helping utilities integrate solar power into their energy portfolios, named the Top 10 American electric utilities for solar.   Read more  >>

SEPA Names Top 10 Utilities to Add Solar in 2013 (4/28/14)

The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) today named the Top 10 American electric utilities that in 2013 added the most new solar power to their systems and the most solar on a watts-per-customer basis. This annual ranking, which identifies the companies that are integrating solar into the nation’s power grid, is part of the seventh annual Utility Solar Rankings report. The full report, which will be released in June 2014, identifies leading solar industry trends such as total installed capacity, market share and industry growth rates.  Read more  >>

Hawaii Utilities Rank Highly for Installations of PV Systems (4/28/14)

The Kauai Island Utility Cooperative and the companies of Hawaiian Electric Co. ranked among the top 10 utilities nationally for the amount of new solar power added to their grids last year, according to a report released Monday by the Solar Electric Power Association.  Read more  >>

Duke Energy Ranks Among Biggest Solar Producers (4/28/14)

Duke Energy ranked among the nation’s top 10 utilities for new solar power capacity in 2013, the Solar Electric Power Association said Monday.  Read more  >>

Large New Solar Arrays Unveiled at ASU (4/28/14)

Arizona Public Service Co. officials helped unveil large new solar arrays at Arizona State University on Monday and used the occasion to emphasize the importance of solar to the utility despite recent dustups over the technology.  Read more  >>

Top 10 Solar List for 2013 Includes Two Duke Energy Utilities (4/28/14)

Duke Energy's two Carolinas’ utilities made the Solar Electric Power Association's Top 10 list for new solar capacity added by utilities in 2013.  Read more  >>

Hawaii ranks as one of the Top States in the U.S. for Solar Energy (4/28/14)

Hawaii ranks in the top 10 in the United States for solar energy with both Hawaiian Electic Co. and the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative recognized for being leaders on both the solar megawatts rankings and the solar watts-per-customer rankings, according to a new report released Monday.  Read more  >>

PG&E Tops PV Charts for US Utilities (4/28/14)

Pacific Gas & Edison in 2013 easily defended its title as the US utility that added the most solar capacity to its network, while three others – Duke Energy Progress, National Grid, and Georgia Power – joined the top 10 for the first time.  Read more  >>

Hawaiian Electric Affirms Commitment to Solar (4/25/14)

Hawaiian Electric has dismissed the results of a recent poll commissioned by The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC) that suggested a vast majority of state residents believe the utility is hampering development of rooftop solar.

  Read more  >>

Georgia Power is a Newcomer (4/22/14)

Georgia Power has worked hard to move the State of Georgia toward the sun. SEPA will recognize, for the first time, Georgia Power in the Solar Megawatt list to be released April 28, 2014 in the Seventh Annual Utility Solar Rankings publication. SEPA (Solar Electric Power Association) is a national association of utility and industry members working together to adopt and deliver clean renewable solar power.  Read more  >>

Babcock Utility Fight Part of Larger Debate (4/20/14)

The developers of Babcock Ranch are in a power struggle with the Lee County Electric Cooperative — and it's not just about electrons, kilowatt hours and money.  Read more  >>

IID Recognized for Solar Energy Adoption (4/17/14)

Imperial Irrigation District and the Solar Electric Power Association announced Tuesday that IID has been recognized as a national leader in the integration and delivery of solar-based renewable solutions.  Read more  >>

California Electricity Grid Tests ‘Green’ Technology (4/12/14)

If a cloud goes over one of the large-scale solar farms east of the Coachella Valley — or one of the desert’s thousands of rooftop installations — Jim Blatchford is going to know about it and have a pretty good idea of its impact on the electric grid.  Read more  >>

North American Solar Seeks To Learn From Germany's Grid Integration Trials (3/21/14)

Despite its success in managing variable-generation power sources such as wind and solar, Germany's electricity distribution system is beginning to show signs of saturation.   Read more  >>

Let the Sun Shine (3/8/14)

FORTY-FIVE minutes west of Las Vegas, dejected sinners may encounter a sight to lift their sunken hearts: a sea of 347,000 mirrors, reflecting the rays of the desert sun on to boilers mounted on three 460-foot towers.   Read more  >>

A Dirty Clean Energy Battle Becoming a Utility War (3/7/14)

Jim Rogers, the former chairman and CEO of Duke Energy, has the luxury of looking back over his long career at the helm of a regulated utility and wondering if he could have done more. Upon the recent occasion of achieving an industry lifetime achievement award, Rogers lamented in the press that he hadn't done enough about encouraging renewable energy, including solar, while running one of the biggest regulated utilities in the U.S.  Read more  >>

Could Off-Grid Solar Prices Spur Mass Grid Defection? (3/7/14)

The improving economics of battery-backed off-grid solar electric systems on commercial and residential rooftops pose a "real, near, and present" threat to U.S. utilities through "widespread grid defection," says a provocative new report by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI).  Read more  >>

Install a Building Battery, Save the Grid? (3/4/14)

Having a backup battery to ride out a power outage is an obvious benefit to businesses. But distributed energy storage, particularly in combination with solar, has the potential to solve a host of emerging electric grid problems while making economic sense for businesses, say proponents.  Read more  >>