Executive Office
Julia Hamm Doyle Tanuj Deora Website
Julia Hamm
President &
Chief Executive Officer
Ken Doyle
Chief Operating Officer
Tanuj Deora
Executive Vice President
& Chief Strategy Officer
Brad Benton
Manager of Executive Affairs
Communications & Education
Bob Gibson K Kaufmann  
Bob Gibson
Vice President,
K Kaufmann
Communications Manager
Cynthia Hunt Jaehne JSzaro  
Cynthia Hunt Jaehne
Education Manager
Jennifer Szaro
Senior Director, Programs
Marketing & Member Relations
Adam W 2 Kevin McGrath Imotley
Adam Wasserman
Membership & Marketing
Kevin McGrath
Manager of

Ian Motley
Manager, Marketing

Alison Heasley
Alison Heasley
Creative Manager
Charisse -Raysor IMG 1427 1 Michael Wilbur
Charisse Raysor
Senior Membership
Himali Shah
Membership Associate
Michael Wilbur
Manager, Membership
Finance & Operations
Beth -Eagle4 Frank Grace Kevin Lee
Beth Eagle
Director of Operations
Frank Grace
Senior Business Analyst &
Information Technology
Kevin Lee
Angel Punzalan MLewis Anita
Angel Punzalan
Accounting Manager
Mike Lewis
Manager, Operations
Anita Bonner
Associate, Operations
Research & Strategy
John Sterling Ted -Davidovich Dan
John Sterling
Senior Director,
Research & Advisory
Ted Davidovich
Utility Planning
Dan Chwastyk
Utility Strategy Manager
Daisy Resized Ryan -Edge Emyers
Daisy Chung
Research Manager
Ryan Edge
Research Analyst
Erika Myers
Senior Manager, Research
Ken Nick Esch Stearn

Ken Kassakhian
Research Analyst

Nick Esch
Research Associate

Christine Stearn
Utility Strategy Analyst