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Why should you go?

Much of the significant change in the electric utility industry can be traced to one disruptive and dynamic factor: the rapid growth of distributed energy resources connecting to the grid. 

With over 5 GW of PV installed and 25% residential rooftop penetration in some areas, the Australian energy market is undergoing a fundamental transformation relating to the use and integration of distributed energy resources into their systems. This country offers an instructive preview of the challenges that U.S. energy markets face now and in the future.

What will be addressed?

  • How are system operators continuing to integrate more distributed resources, and at what cost?
  • What are the opportunities (and limitations) for storage, advanced inverters, forecasting software, demand response, and other technologies?
  • How are energy companies addressing the changing needs and desires of today’s (and tomorrow’s) energy consumer?
  • How are regulators contributing and responding to the changing power market and consumer expectations?
  • How have generators, transmission operators, distribution companies, and retailers adapted their business models to respond to the challenges?

 Download the draft program


If you are a utility or  distributed energy executive who could benefit from participation in this executive-level mission, contact Cynthia Hunt Jaehne at cjaehne@solarelectricpower.org

What is the registration fee & what does it include?
There is a registration fee of $4,495 to participate in the executive mission to Australia. This fee includes hotel, transportation during the mission (including the flight between Brisbane & Melbourne), meeting expenses and some meals. The fee does not include airfare from your location to Australia or travel to/from the airport, nor does it include non-mission events or other miscellaneous expenses.