SEPA’s Renewable Energy Integration Fact Finding Missions are the best resource for hands-on experience with solar technologies, programs and policies.  The objective of these annual international and domestic missions is to provide utility decision-makers with the knowledge, tools, contacts and insights to position their utility for the future.  

This highly-valued program provides the opportunity for key utility staff to:

  • Learn from the experience of utilities in other countries and markets and their lessons in integrating large amounts of renewable energy into their systems.
  • Investigate a variety of renewable policies focusing on effectiveness, optimization and design considerations.
  • Explore innovative solar and related technologies that are developing to improve integration Network and build lasting relationships with your utility peers which will continue to be a source of insight and sharing.
  • Share your knowledge with your utility colleagues! 
  • Return from the mission with something for everyone.  SEPA makes sharing easy with post-trip webinars and reports!

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