New Utility Business Models: Distributed Solar as a Business Opportunity

Join us for the second of two educational webinars for the utility, regulatory, electric power and solar industries focusing on Distributed Generation (DG) solar. The first webinar offered an introduction to third-party financed DG solar, including: an overview of the industry and why it is here to stay; the basic transactions and responsibilities of each party; the value proposition for financiers, installers and consumers; and touched briefly on the implications for utilities. 

This second webinar will delve into more specific implications for utilities and propose specific business models that utilities could incorporate to profit from third-party financed DG solar. 

Learn why utilities are facing challenges with distributed technologies (particularly solar), and the advantages utilities already possess that would enable them to beneficially incorporate solar into their system. The suggested business models involve both regulated and unregulated utility companies, and examine utility initiatives already underway in some parts of the country.

Following the presentation, participants will have the opportunity to post questions during a Q&A session.

  • Participant take-aways will include:
  • The state of the electric power industry and why third-party financed DG solar poses challenges to existing utility business models
  • Potential new business models that would allow utilities to incorporate and profit from DG solar
  • The roles of utility and solar stakeholders and how each party benefits
  • How utilities may be better equipped to profit from solar than solar industry incumbents
  • Current efforts to implement collaborative solutions

SEPA would like to thank Clean Power Finance for their contribution to this webinar series.

To see Part I of this series, please visit the SEPA Resource Library.


Kristian Hanelt, SVP Renewable Capital Markets
James Tong, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives and Government Affairs, Clean Power Finance
Julia Hamm, President & CEO, SEPA (moderator)

Cost:  Free to SEPA members and the media (subject to verification); $199 for non-members

Target Audience:  Utility management and staff working with renewable energy and DG programs; solar stakeholders; policy and regulatory staff

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